An adventure at the shooting range

An adventure at the shooting range

Referring to my interests and lifestyle, it is probably easy to guess that I am a fan of adrenaline and fun. So I decided to visit a shooting range in Krakow. What was the history of that?

If we wanted to know the history of guns, we would probably start looking when a man appeared on Earth. Why? The shooting was born out of the need to survive, and although the discipline of shooting itself takes its origins in the 18th century, shooting itself has always accompanied man. Admittedly, back then it was not considered a sport, but a way to survive. Weapons were used for defense and obtaining food, and as we progressed, their nature also changed. With the industrial revolution came firearms, which turned shooting into a sport.

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Types of shooting

What exactly is shooting? It is any activity that involves the use of a weapon. By definition, to talk about shooting, we need a weapon – a firearm or pneumatic, and a facility for practice, such as a shooting range or a firing range. The nature of its use may vary, so we distinguish between sport shooting, historical, combat, hunting and recreational shooting.

If you take a look at the map of shooting ranges in Poland, it is easy to see that shooting is becoming more and more popular. There are over 125 shooting ranges in our country and the number of shooting enthusiasts is still growing. For those people who think seriously about shooting, competitions and championships in this competition are organized. Shooting as a sport discipline is called sport shooting. And this is the type we can meet on the shooting range.

Sporting guns are those models of guns that do not have the possibility to shoot continuously or in series. Sporting firearms may be owned only by members of the Polish Shooting Sports Association, therefore sport shooting itself is dependent on membership in a shooting club.

Safety conditions

It is said that the weapon itself is not dangerous, only a person can make it so. There is a lot of truth in this saying. It is us, as users of the weapon, who pose a threat. We, or more precisely our inattention, ignorance and lack of knowledge. So how to stay safe while shooting? It is simply described by the well-known and respected GBOT principle:

G – always treat the GUN as operational and ready to shoot, no matter why you are holding it

B – always point the BARREL to a safe place, never towards people!

O – OBSERVE your surroundings and always check if there is no one around

T – do not put your finger on the TRIGGER if you do not want to shoot

The GBOT rule does a great job of highlighting how to behave safely on the range. On top of that, there is another rule – you should always wear safety goggles and headphones. During your first visit to the shooting range, your instructor will make you thoroughly familiar with the applicable health and safety rules.

What are the types of weapons at the shooting range?

At a shooting range you will find many models of weapons, differing in loading method, ammunition, and recoil strength. Often, different models of weapons force the shooter to adopt different shooting stances – for shooting with short and long weapons we prepare a little differently.

How to dress for a shooting range?

Clothing for the shooting range is an often overlooked, but nevertheless crucial element, helpful during shooting. This is especially true for the first visits to the range, during which training and discussion of shooting rules takes place. Shooting then is usually slow, under full supervision and with a static rhythm.

What to wear to the range in winter?

Usually temperatures at shooting ranges are not high. Multiple layers of clothing will keep us warm and comfortable enough to shoot. Clothes should fit snugly, so typical sportswear will work well. If the shooting range is not heated, it is worth taking warm gloves and long socks, which will turn out to be useful during a longer stay at the range.

What to wear to the shooting range in summer?

Despite the high temperature outside, you should not wear open shoes and short clothes to the shooting range. A longer blouse made of permeable material and sport shoes will be perfect. This will protect us from hot scales, which can burn us.

In what shooting position on the range?

The correct shooting position is primarily one that is comfortable and provides us with balance, comfort and stability. Learning to adopt a proper shooting position is important and has a great influence on shooting accuracy. That is why during a visit to a shooting range in Krakow, an instructor will show you exactly how to get into the right position. A proper shooting stance also requires proper adjustment of the used shooting instruments.

So how to aim while shooting, in order to achieve better and better results?

– Stand in an appropriate position, facing the target.

– The aiming point is set to “flush”, i.e. the sights are aligned.

– Point at the target.

– Hold your breath and focus as much as possible.

– Slowly pull the trigger.

– After the shot we hold the position in order to reduce the recoil force.

Shooting range Krakow

In the heart of Krakow there is an indoor shooting range, open 12 months a year. Here you will learn about different types of weapons and their capabilities, both long and short. The shooting range is also accessible for people with disabilities. Experienced and knowledgeable instructors will help you to feel safe and secure, and have fun at the same time.

Is it worth going to the shooting range?

As we mentioned before, shooting does not require sharp eyesight or supernatural abilities. This makes this type of activity accessible to almost everyone. Although shooting is associated with men’s sports, we can meet many women at the shooting range. Therefore, shooting will be an ideal entertainment for both men looking for a dose of adrenaline, and women who want to unload their emotions. Visit a professional shooting range in Krakow and feel like a real shooter! Or maybe you will discover a new talent.

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